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ITC Master Chef Chicken Breast Strips 1kg


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A golden crunchy coating on a tender, fresh chicken breast strip combined with garlic seasoning to create a classic favorite. Can be used as an appetizer with an exciting dip or  as a filler in a wrap/roll.

Juicy inside, crispy outside

26 pieces per packet

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Air Fry: Product brushed with oil, kept at 200° C for 8-10 mins. Shake in between.

Bake: In a preheated oven at 220°C for 6-8 mins on a tray brushed with oil. Flip at half time.

Shallow Fry: For 3 to 4 mins on medium flame. Flip occasionally until crisp and golden.

Deep Fry: For 2 to 3 mins on medium flame until crisp and golden.

Cooking time may vary depending on equipment, Voltage or temperature of oil.

Always store in deep freezer at -18° C or below.



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