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ITC Farmland Frozen Green Peas 500g


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ITC’s Farmland Frozen Green Peas are the perfect solution for your culinary needs. Nutritionally rich, versatile and with an ability to elevate the flavour of any dish, green peas are always in demand. Since they are a seasonal vegetable, Farmland Frozen Green Peas offer an easy way to always have high quality green peas at home. Processed with state-of-the-art technology, and carefully selected by experts, Farmland Frozen Green Peas are a product you can trust.

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Key Information

  • Main Ingredients: The pack contains hygienically packed green peas that are carefully handpicked, graded and cleaned. These are ready to cook green peas that are frozen using the Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) technology to lock in all the nutrients and freshness.
  • Suitable For: Farmland Frozen Green Peas are an excellent option for delicious homemade food. Avoid the price fluctuations of seasonal green peas – With Farmland Frozen Green Peas, you have an affordable, convenient and trusted source of green peas for your family’s favourite foods all year round. Frozen green peas are also ideal option for days when you wish to skip a trip to the market. Just open the freezer and grab ITC Farmland Frozen Green Peas and you are good to go!
  • Usage: Farmland Frozen Green Peas must always be stored in the freezer at temperatures below 18°C. If you want to make delicious vegetarian dishes such as aloo matar, peas pulao or matar paneer, then you can easily use Farmland Frozen Green Peas to your food. Frozen peas can also be steamed or blanched beforehand to make stuffed parathas. Farmland Frozen Green Peas offer a ready to cook, perennial option to cook your favourite dishes without any hassles. You can also make patties for burgers, matar kebabs or any other meal with these Farmland green peas.
  • Quantity: This pack of Farmland Frozen Green Peas weighs 500g. The quantity is sufficient for a small family to use for their home cooking for a few weeks.


Farmland’s frozen vegetable range has a variety of seasonal vegetables that you can get home.  If you are craving fresh food prepared with seasonal vegetables that are currently not in season, Farmland Frozen Green Peas and its other variants are your most trusted and affordable option.  With no added preservatives, the vegetables are absolutely safe to consume. The harvesting of peas is timed perfectly to give you the right balance of sweet and tender. Being a source of protein, these peas will add more life to any meal that you cook making it tasty, colourful, and nutritious.


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